A New Film for Kimberly-Clark Brand Turma da Mônica Diapers

SÃO PAULO, August 25, 2009 – Babies who wear Turma da Mônica diapers know how to be charming from a very early age. And they even perform a serenade to spread their charm. That’s the the premise of the new film created by Ogilvy & Mather Brasil, and already being aired on Brazil’s major TV networks.

kimberlyclark, diapers, turmadamomica, brasil Entitled “Serenade,” the film is accompanied by a jingle that shows the contrast in the daily lives of babies who wear regular diapers with those who wear Turma da Mônica diapers. “It’s so hard to sing with this leak. And the Velcro rubbing against the skin is a nightmare. But I’m dry as always, feeling totally free to hug you. With Turma da Mônica diapers, the buttocks are just fine and then I say: buttocks, you’re free to breathe,” goes the song.

The last scene of the film shows a couple of babies in their cradle, sending us kisses and accompanied by the sentence “Breathe buttocks.” The communication strategy highlights one of the main differentiated features of Turma da Mônica diapers, which are the first on the market with breathable technology, in addition to the soft Velcro and elastic waistband, providing babies with 12-hour protection. 

Kimberly-Clark Brasil, manufacturer of the product, invested R$7 million in the campaign, whose objective is to position Turma da Mônica diapers as the best option on the Brazilian diapers market. The brand has a 24% market share in terms of value.

The film “Serenade” is produced by Margarida Filmes, a company of INK Group. It is directed by Ricardo “Gordo” Carvalho, who highlights the advantage to use the camera Red, which captures the babies continuously, without a single gesture or unusual scene being left out, which could impose some limitations to the filming on film stock.

About Ogilvy & Mather
Ogilvy & Mather is part of Ogilvy Brasil Group, one of the world’s largest communication groups, with 495 offices in 120 countries, a pioneer in the development of the 360 Degree Branding (360 Degree Communication), a big communication process developed over ten years ago. Used on a global scale by Ogilvy, the concept integrates all the communication areas, promoting the overall coverage of the brand to its target market. The client portfolio includes various brands among the 500 best and largest in the world, according to Fortune Global 500, such as IBM, Unilever, Motorola, Kraft Foods, Kimberly-Clark, DuPont, Coca-Cola, among others. It is part of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY), one of the largest communication conglomerates in the world.

About Kimberly-Clark
Kimberly-Clark, an American multinational company established in Brazil since 1996, has a wide range of personal care and household products that includes strong brands with recognized quality on the market: Neve® and Scott® toilet paper; Scott Limpamax® and Duramax®; Scott® and Grand Hotel® napkin; Scott® paper towel; Kleenex® tissues; Turma da Mônica™, Huggies®, Pull Ups® and Little Swimmers® disposable diapers; Huggies®, Baby Wipes® and Turma da Mônica™ baby wipes; Turma da Mônica™ shower and post-shower line of products; Plenitud® urinary incontinence care products; Intimus Gel® and Intimus® Interno sanitary pads; Intimus Days® sanitary pads, Intimus® baby wipes and feminine intimate wash. Kimberly-Clark also operates in the institutional segment, serving the retail sector, the manufacturing sector, restaurants and hotels through its Professional division. 

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Contact: Janaína Langsdorff
Date: August 25, 2009
Office: São Paulo