OgilvyOne Brasil Consolidates Digital Offerings

Acknowledges New Generation of Digital Leaders

SÃO PAULO, August 12, 2009 – OgilvyOne Brasil, a company of Ogilvy Brasil Group specialized in digital and relationship marketing, has been going through the most remarkable moment in the last decade in Brazil. Only in the last four years, for instance, OgilvyOne Brasil has grown by 150%, doubling its representativeness at Ogilvy Brasil Group. “We’ve just forecast a growth rate of about 10% for 2009, a figure that was not possible to be forecast about a month ago due to the uncertainties of the global economic scenario,” says Renato de Paula, General Director of Group OgilvyOne Brasil and Latin America.

The expansion is the result of the positive performance of each of the three business units that make up the Group headed by Renato de Paula. One of them is OgilvyInteractive Brasil, a digital marketing agency, which became stronger with the official merger with 10´Minutos last March. The arrival of 10´Minutos represents the agency’s best phase since the takeover of Hipermídia in 1999, which represented the beginning of OgilvyInteractive’s operations in Brazil. Pioneer in the domestic market of digital agencies, OgilvyInteractive Brasil celebrates its tenth anniversary with an operation that will be successful in a hundred days.

“The synergy was immediate. Our teams integrated, and today it is one of the best and most prepared teams of Internet specialists in Brazil,” analyzes Renato de Paula. Michel Lent is in charge of OgilvyInteractive Brasil, who was one of the founding partners of 10´Minutos, together with Stanlei Bellan. Lent and Bellan took over as general manager of OgilvyInteractive Brasil and general manager of Neo@Ogilvy Brasil, respectively.

Neo@Ogilvy Brasil, a unit specialized in search marketing and digital media, is one of the main plans of action of OgilvyOne Brasil for the next few months. According to Renato de Paula, the search engine service receives more and more investments, opening up opportunities for innovative businesses for the clients. Internet portal Yahoo, for instance, has just closed a partnership deal with Microsoft. Both companies will now share the same search technology, the Internet’s second most popular search engine, making the competition in the online advertising market with Google stiffer. “This deal clearly shows the potential in the search engine market and improves the sector as it strengthens the most important players, which increases the range of possibilities to be planned for the clients,” says Renato de Paula.

OgilvyOne Brasil, a unit specialized in relationship marketing and data intelligence, is evidence of the positive performance in the digital area. OgilvyOne Brasil is headed by Sérgio Augusto Alves, an executive who began his career at Ogilvy in 2007 as director of OgilvyOne Consulting – a division specialized in CRM – and who has just taken over as general manager of OgilvyOne Brasil. Today, the agency owns a database with over 25 million names of private individuals and 5 million companies, which certainly positions it among the largest one-to-one communication companies in Brazil.

“We have consolidated the merger with 10´Minutos, redefined the structure of the agency and at this moment we can clearly see the leadership of Michel, Stanlei and Sérgio Augusto. This scenario prepares us for the new reality in the communication market, especially in the changes that were brought about with the hype of social media,” says Renato de Paula, who already studies the possibility of starting a new unit aimed at the mobile area (WAP). Today, at least half of the existing 150 million cell phones in Brazil already have the technology for Internet access, opening up new communication options. “We’re going to respect the privacy and use the cell phone as an access platform to relevant information to consumers,” explains Renato de Paula.

OgilvyOne Brasil, through OgilvyInteractive, still has an office at Porto Digital in Recife, one of the most important technology centers in Brazil. The first agency from outside the Northeast to open an agency at Porto Digital, OgilvyInteractive has transferred all its digital production to the capital city of the State of Pernambuco, where there are already over 100 companies of various technology-driven segments. “The Northeast has expertise in the development of websites and games, areas of interest to OgilvyInteractive,” says Renato de Paula. Data collected by CNPQ show that over 3,700 IT professionals work at Porto Digital, 90% of whom hold a post-graduation degree. The other areas of OgilvyInteractive – creation, planning, customer service, information architecture – are still based in São Paulo.

Currently, OgilvyOne Brasil has a workforce of around 145 employees, who do their work for both local and global brands such as IBM, Anhanguera Educacional, Gerdau, Unilever, Allianz Seguros, Claro, Odebrecht, among others. With the acquisition of 10´Minutos, the client portfolio of OgilvyOne Brasil Group also includes Telecine, OceanAir, 20th Century Fox Films, Globosat, among others.

About OgilvyOne
OgilvyOne Worldwide is the strongest, most experienced and distinguished one-to-one marketing networks in the world, with over 130 offices in 50 countries. It provides its clients with a wide range of services, from consultancy in CRM to digital marketing, always in search of generating profitable relationships for its clients. The client roster is equally balanced between local and global brands that include Anhanguera Educacional, Allianz, Claro, Gerdau and IBM, among others. OgilvyOne Worldwide is a company of Ogilvy Group that is part of the WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY), one of the largest communication conglomerates in the world.

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