Ogilvy & Mather Paris pulls off a live stunt for TicTac

PARIS, FRANCE, 10 April 2012 – In a viral film, just under two minutes, that’s already garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube, coverage in major online magazines like Forbes, Huffington Post, first in France and in a few hours over the world (UK, China, Brazil, Los Angeles), Ogilvy and the leading confectionery and chocolate manufacturer, Ferrero, bring the charming French town of Rouen to its knees.  And only the small, white TicTac Fresh Breath Mint can save the people of the town as they drop off like flies one-by-one. 

Ogilvy stages and shoots a live stunt that dramatizes the consequence of having bad breath in order to really set up in an engaging and humorous way the importance of having the fresh TicTac mint on hand.

The live stunt was done in Rouen, France, because Ferrero is well known there with its factory.  Most of the people seen in the stunt are real people of Rouen.  For example:  the basketball team is the Rouen basketball team. And that gardener and the girls on the boat, well they’re just townies.  And some 60 people in the grand scene filmed at the Hotel de Ville that shows everyone passed out due to the poor mec’s bad breath are actual employees who work in the Rouen Ferrero factory – so it’s a “refreshing” way to engage the company’s employees. “TicTac is one of those brands who will lead the game of tomorrow.  By letting us play with the story telling value of the brand, instead of being product centric, they create for TicTac a new way to engage their consumers,” said Fred Levron, Executive Director, Head of Digital & Brand Content. “Like the TicTac small mint, it’s fresh and fun.”

Before its official launch today, the viral film has already shown its breath among the blogger community over Easter weekend and since its post Monday on TicTac’s Facebook Fan page where 650k+ fans are already actively engaged with the fun and fresh TicTac brand.

Said Ogilvy & Mather Paris’ Executive Creative Director, Chris Garbutt, “I love this job! You grow up and get paid to still be a kid. Playing tricks on people and having a laugh. And that's what Tic Tac is all about-Fresh Fun in a mint. These days you’ve got to be inventive with your thinking. We are living such an exciting time in advertising, when it’s all about earned media, and how many people appropriate your ideas and send them on. When the idea launches, it has to break through all the clutter on You Tube, and earn it’s worth. That’s what we’re trying to explore more and more at Ogilvy. Inventive ideas that make a difference.” 

A “Making Of” the Worst Breath on Earth and a Case Study will follow. 

Watch the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh30EIkgE4o.

Press Contact: Kim Ball, Director External Relations International, Ogilvy & Mather, Paris.  + 33 673 98 0523

Contact: Kim Ball
Date: April 10, 2012
Office: Paris