Coley Porter Bell masterminds massive new coffee launch for Nestle

LONDON, April 30, 3012 – Brand design agency Coley Porter Bell has created the name, packaging, brand identity and advertising for Nescafe’s biggest new coffee launch in years.

The new product, branded Azera, is Nescafe’s first foray into the booming microground coffee segment, which promises instant coffee with coffee-shop quality.

Coley Porter Bell was awarded the project without a pitch as part of its on-going ten-year relationship with Nescafe.

Coley Porter Bell created a 48-sheet poster launch campaign positioning Azera as “the instant barista,” targeting young professional consumers who drink coffee out-of-home.

The name was chosen to reflect the Latin-American origins of coffee beans and to distinguish it from the pack of coffees with Italian provenance launched by rivals.

The product is instant coffee with real microground coffee beans added to give it the taste of real coffee. It is the first microground with “crema,” the velvety cream layer that accumulates on the surface of the coffee that gives coffee machine coffee its distinctive appearance.

Azera is sold in single shot sachets available in packs of five and tins of 33 servings.

The packaging employs the visual language of the coffee shop. It is designed to make it stand out in-store and to distinguish it from instant coffees. The metallic silver background evokes the chrome of commercial expresso machines.

Bold confident graphics suggest the enamel logo on the front of an espresso machine. Using a brown and orange palette to hint at the richness of the coffee, the label incorporates a graphic device showing a bean being ground into fine grains.

Stephen Bell, Creative Director of Coley Porter Bell, said that it is rare these days to not only create but also launch a new product of this significance.

“It is exciting to be involved in bringing a new brand of this stature to life. From naming, positioning and packaging to poster advertising this was a challenging brief but the work we have come up with is beautiful and distinctive.”

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Contact: Alex Benady
Date: April 30, 2012
Office: London