Ogilvy Launches Talent Development Initiative in Australia

SYDNEY, April 20, 2011 – Ogilvy has launched a young talent development initiative – across the whole group in Australia - to reinforce its heritage of training and nurturing the future leaders of business.

Called the ‘Young Turks’, the program’s name refers to David Ogilvy’s vision when he started the agency. In 1948 he wrote, “In hiring, the emphasis will be on youth. We are looking for young Turks. I have no use for toadies or hacks.”

The scheme is open to anyone within any Ogilvy company in Australia who is under 26, or has less than three years experience in the industry.

Executive Chairman of Ogilvy Australia, Tom Moult, explains: “I want Young Turks to be an opportunity for our young people to have their say and get their careers moving faster. We need to ensure our young talent is given a clear voice and a platform to keep the old guys on their toes!”

“It’s a demonstration of the enormous depth of expertise we have in the group that over seventy people have signed up.”

As well as networking with senior leadership at regular events, the group will be handling projects from agency management teams to allow them to demonstrate their expertise and talent.

Sydney committee member, Stephen Doyle said: “The structure of the program is largely dictated by the input from the group. We have been given a great opportunity from management to learn from the best, challenge the status quo and have a few laughs along the way.”

“Young recruits are an important investment for Ogilvy. They have amazing talent, passion and drive and are the future leaders of our business, but only if they are given the right development, support and opportunities,” added Moult.

The group is led by committees in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Ogilvy Sydney and Ogilvy Group Melbourne are part of STW Group, Australia’s leading marketing content and communications services group.

For further information:
Rebecca Tilly, STW Group 0410 501 043

Contact: Rebecca Tilly
Date: April 20, 2011
Office: Sydney