OgilvyBrains Survey: Improved Web Controlling Can Earn German Companies Billions

Contact: Bert Klingsporn

FRANKFURT, April 15, 2009 – In recessionary times consumers are spending more time at home – and online. This so-called "Cocooning" trend increases the importance of the web as a communication and sales platform. And yet, more than half of Germany's Top 500 companies are neglecting customer needs on the Internet. This is the conclusion of the WASP ("Web Analytics Solution Profiler") survey carried out by strategic consultancy, OgilvyBrains.

In January and February 2009, OgilvyBrains analyzed the websites of Germany's 500 largest companies in terms of turnover and the top 50 national banks as to whether their website uses a tool-based web controlling program to analyze customers and visitors to the site. Over half of the companies surveyed did not have this facility. This means the company does not have access to detailed information about customer and visitor behavior on their site and, hence, cannot improve its performance and functionality accordingly.

"If, for example, customers have to go through a three-phase registration procedure to order a brochure, then many exit the process before completion. Around 10 percent of potential customers in Germany do not complete a purchase online for this reason. This is an easy fix and a huge earnings potential, if one bears in mind that online sales this year are estimated at around 22 billion Euro," says Bert Klingsporn, managing director of OgilvyBrains.

The use of tool-based web controlling varies considerably from one industry to another. For example, only 25 percent of Germany's top banks have this kind of tool installed on their website. Energy providers are also below average in terms of usage. The telecommunication and transportation industries, on the other hand, are better equipped.

One German airline discovered via a web analysis that visitors to the site were having problems finding the cheapest flight. The search function was therefore expanded to include a "savings calendar," which gave potential customers an overview of the offers available and bookings increased directly.

According to Bert Klingsporn, the WASP survey has one main conclusion: "The consumer's heavy Internet use is not mirrored by adequate corporate web controlling in Germany. Often it is little things that stop potential customers completing their purchase. Recognizing and understanding these barriers and adapting the website accordingly can lead to billions in earnings potential."

Survey design

The survey was designed to identify whether one of the approximately 120 commercial web-controlling tools was in use. The survey differentiates according to industry and complexity and level of analysis of the tools in use.

OgilvyBrains is the strategic consultancy arm of the Ogilvy Group in Germany.

Contact: Bert Klingsporn
Date: April 15, 2009
Office: Frankfurt