A Tribute: Noreen O'Leary

Ogilvy joins the entire advertising industry in mourning the passing of Noreen O'Leary, a giant in the world of advertising journalism. We thank her for over 30 years of insightful, honest, and gracious coverage of the industry and are especially grateful to her for her profiles on two of our own leaders, David Ogilvy and Miles Young.

Here are remembrances of Noreen from several of our executives who had the privilege of knowing her personally:

"Noreen was a first-class journalist. We will miss her terribly. When Noreen called to do a story, I always felt reassured that she would treat us with respect and sensitivity, while never losing her objectivity for the story to be told. She cared deeply about our industry, and with every story made us collectively more informed and inspired to raise our sights."
     —John Seifert, Worldwide Chairman and CEO

"Noreen was the best of the best, a journalist who took what she thought and wrote seriously, who looked for the heart of a matter, who had a great sense of decency but also of fun, who cared passionately about her subject. She knew the business inside out, and it will seem diminished without her. I never had an interaction with her which did not challenge me in some way but which was also not intensely enjoyable. May she rest in peace."
     —Miles Young, Non-Executive Chairman

"There is no one I trusted more with Ogilvy's most important stories than Noreen. Her integrity was enviable and her writing style inimitable. In many ways, she was a great mentor to me. I will miss her dearly."
     —Lauren Crampsie, Worldwide CMO

"Noreen stood out from the crowd not just for her dedication and ethics as a journalist, but as a thoughtful and discerning writer. Noreen understood the new directions on advertising as well as its roots. Her loss is a loss to all in our business. Above all, she was a kind and generous person. We will miss her."
     —Carla Hendra, Worldwide Chairman, OgilvyRED

"Noreen set a standard for an industry and for a profession. Her legacy will long be felt through her work and Noreen will deservedly be lauded for her determination, smarts, toughness, integrity, passion and trust. Those were all extraordinary qualities that set Noreen apart, but what I always loved about Noreen was she only cared about one thing and that was to tell the story. She never seemed to care about anything else. Noreen just wanted to tell the right story. She lived for it, you felt it and you loved her for it.

Noreen, thank you for over thirty years of stories. In telling our story you wrote your own story. A story we will always remember, a story we will forever miss. The story of a class act."
     —Lou Aversano, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather New York

Date: October 03, 2016