Shenan Chuang

Vice Chairman
Ogilvy & Mather Greater China

I am the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China. I am also the founding chairperson of China 4A.  After joining the associated agency of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide in 1983 which then became Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan, I passed a milestone in my career journey and since 2003, I have been based in Beijing.

The prolific constituents of the China Group underpin our foundations and help us push ahead. The breath and depth of our caliber and experiences also sets O&M apart from its rivals. Over 2,000 dedicated people work diligently within our four equally strong pillars. While each discipline seems to operate independently due to a separate clientele, we have created many triumvirate-based brand teams, to name a few: Team IBM, Lenovo, Unilever, SC Johnson, and recently Caterpillar. Our matrix structure has disciplined us to be able to reach beyond our core competencies, thus fostering our collaboration and cooperation internally and externally.

Now, social media is no longer an experiment in China, but occupies a key role in marketing plans that target mainstream and niche consumers alike. The Chinese are renowned for developing customized and often improved versions of existing innovations – SinaWeibo is China’s heavyweight answer to Twitter, along with WeChat and WhatsApp. 

My favorite career highlights can be described as three separate episodes. The first one was that I received a personalized note from David Ogilvy after translating the Unpublished David Ogilvy into Chinese. The second was leading Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan in bouncing back after suffering a large senior group walk-out in 1995 and winning the title of Agency of the Year from two local professional magazines. My third defining moment was when Ogilvy Beijing won Agency of the Year in Asia Pacific from Campaign Magazine…twice! I believe we will continue to strengthen our foothold and together will build a creatively influential agency in China and one of the top five offices in the entire network.
My favorite David Ogilvy quotes is, “We use the word partner in referring to each other. This says a mouthful.”