Leopoldo "Polo" Garza

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ogilvy & Mather Mexico

I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy & Mather Mexico, and I have been with Ogilvy for almost 12 years.

I think that what makes our office unique is the passion that we put in our work, combined with our very integrated, multidisciplinary talent that creates great advertising that is both creative and business oriented.

What really keeps me awake at Ogilvy is the growth and retention of our talent. I want to be sure that our people are happy and that they look at Ogilvy as the best place to work, where they can develop their skills, become innovative and be recognized while having balance in their lives. I firmly believe that happy people produce very good work, very good work make clients happy and happy clients will give us more business.

Traditional advertising continues to be a huge component of our revenues and is a key discipline to offer to our clients and prospects. Today in Mexico if you want REACH you need to use TV. Having said that, the challenge that we face is how to integrate a powerful creative idea into other media and other disciplines, and also how we make a better use of all traditional media, i.e. branded content.

I don't have one career highlight at Ogilvy that is a favorite. There have been at least five since I took the helm at Ogilvy Mexico in 1999. I'm very proud that my team and I managed to turn around Ogilvy Mexico from a shop with a very low image to be recognized as “The Agency of the Year” in 2000. We have also been named The Best Agency, The Most Creative Agency and The Best Direct Marketing Agency in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

I´m also proud of having been able to hire a group of very talented, world-class people, particularly in the creative side, having as a result the recognition of being the most creative and innovative agency in Mexico and abroad.

A very emotional highlight was in 2005 while winning the first Gold Lion at Cannes both for Ogilvy Mexico and for the country, accompanied by my creative team and my daughter Mara!

I also received recognition as The Adman of the Year in 2005. And in 2010, representing Ogilvy, I received the Medal of Advertising Merit awarded by my peers of the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies, which hadn't been granted in seven years.