Our offering: agile production, extension, adaptation and translation.

RedWorks is today's most sophisticated solution for global adaptation and execution. We aim to deliver quality, cost-effective brand communications across all media channels. To further increase cost-efficiency for our clients, RedWorks leverages a 100% owned 'hub network', right-sourcing the best team from a pool of local, regional and global talent made up of 1800+ people in 47 offices across 36 countries. Our teams are assembled on a project-by-project or client-by-client basis depending on service, creative production and delivery requirements.

At RedWorks, we can service just about every conceivable production need your team may have. This includes all print solutions, digital builds from small to large, moving content generation, radio production, post production, translation, offshore hubs and 360° campaign extension.

In addition, by using RedWorks our clients save on average 20-50%.

To learn more, please visit www.redworks.com.

Mark Reardon – Europe, Middle East & Africa – mark.reardon@ogilvy.com
Jonathan Parker – North America – jonathan.parker@redworks.com
Michael Burgess – Asia Pacific – michael.burgess@redworks.com
Xavier Carou – Latin America – xavier.carou@redworks.com

IBM, Ford, American Express, Cisco, BP, IHG, UPS, Nestlé, Unilever, Coca-Cola