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The World's Leading Customer Engagement Agency
In November 2012, OgilvyOne was named the Sole Leader by Forrester Research, Inc, in its independent report, "The Forrester Wave™: Customer Engagement Agencies," Q4 2012, in an evaluation of 13 agencies.

Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, defines Customer Engagement Agencies (CEAs) as: "agencies that focus on defining customer-oriented business strategies and mapping them to tactics and execution. They help clients maximize customer profitability and optimize customer experiences by applying data and analytics to every interaction."

As the leading Customer Engagement Agency, our core promise to clients is to help them unlock the full value of customers. We do this by turning big ideas and data into personal experiences to help our clients win more customers and make them more valuable.

Doing this requires a broad range of specialty capabilities as well as a relentless focus on the customer experience. We've invested heavily in our engagement planning tools and processes, our technology infrastructure and our data analytics capabilities. The integration of our performance marketing group, Neo@Ogilvy, has allowed us to expand our approach to acquiring and engaging customers beyond traditional CRM channels.

Click here to visit our blog and download the Forrester report on Customer Engagement Agencies.

Unlocking the Full Value of Customers
Most companies fail to appreciate the full value that customers can bring to their business. They see a customer as a single transaction or a small series of transactions. They undervalue customers emotionally and financially, and under-invest in the ones who really bring the greatest value to their business.

As leaders in direct marketing, we see customers differently. Our entire global network is devoted to helping our clients find attractive new customers and to make them more valuable. We appreciate the full value and contribution that customers bring to a business. We know who pulls the freight over the long haul, and who influences others.

And we don't just measure customer value, we unlock it through activation of three main drivers: Customer Experience, Rewards and Behavioral Economics.

To learn more about how direct marketing can Unlock the Full Value of Customers, click here to visit our blog and view a presentation by Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, at the IBM Smarter Commerce Summit.

A Truly Global Network
With over 100 offices in more than 50 countries, we are the leading direct marketing, digital marketing and marketing consulting network in the world. We were established in 1972 and have over four decades of experience.

We have a superb balance of local and global clients. We are proud to name American Express, BlackRock, British Airways, DuPont, IBM, Intercontinental Hotel Group, IKEA, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé, Unilever and UPS among our global clients.

Creative Excellence
Creativity, the secret sauce for any customer engagement agency, is our lifeblood. This year, Ogilvy outperformed every agency in the most prestigious industry creative awards, and was voted the most creative agency in Cannes as well as the most effective agency at the Effie awards.

As one of the leading direct marketing and digital marketing agencies, our creative work delivers results. We've won more than twice as many Direct Marketing Association (DMA) ECHO awards as our nearest competitor. We are consistently recognized by the DMA for excellence in direct marketing, winning 19 awards in 2012 including the Board of Governors' Award for Strategic Innovation and the USPS Gold Mailbox Award. We scooped 12 awards at the Caples and took home seven Cannes Lions Direct Marketing Awards and four Cyber Lions for excellence in digital marketing.

Click here to visit our blog and read about how we utilized Vine for Ben & Jerry's.

Leaders in Digital Marketing
In its most recent report into top digital agencies, we were cited as a Leader by Forrester Research, Inc. in its independent report, "The Forrester Wave™: U.S. Interactive Agencies - Strategy and Execution," Q3 2009. We received full marks in three of the five Strategy criteria (Product/Services road map, Discovery and Innovation, and Focus and Reach) and a top score for Account Management.

According to Forrester, OgilvyOne is a Leader because of "its high level of competence across all major criteria — specifically measurement and analytics, account management, and social and emerging media."

RECMA, the research company evaluating the media industry in 50 countries, consistently rank us as one of the top digital agencies with 4,300 digital staff across all of our divisions.

Neo@Ogilvy, our digital, direct response and search marketing media division, provides digital media expertise.

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Global Marketing Consulting practice
Our global marketing consulting practice boasts 200 business consultants, researchers, analysts and digital experts who work for some of the world's biggest brands.

A collection of strategists, analysts and customer engagement experts, the team focuses on unlocking customer value by developing customer centric strategies based on qualitative and quantitative data.

The marketing consulting practice knows how to make the numbers tell a story:
rich insights are extracted from qualitative and quantitative research and data about our clients' customers behaviors, wants and needs.

Click here to visit our blog and read about how Data can prove marketing's contribution to the bottom line.

High speed, low cost delivery
RedWorks, our high speed, low cost production capability, offers value, quality, efficiency and speed-to-market delivery.

RedWorks brings together an extensive network of production and design capabilities into a single global unit, focusing on providing high-quality, cost-effective brand communications in both traditional and digital media. It combines cost efficient global hubs with access to a vast group of more than 900 talented craftsman and creatives in over 40 offices worldwide.

Digital Innovation
In 2008, we became the first agency to establish a global network of Digital Innovation Labs. From our initial hub in Singapore, we now have labs in New York, London, Beijing and Sao Paulo, and create client innovations in hot market areas such as mobile marketing, digital point of sale and marketing optimization.

Click here to visit our blog and read about one of the latest digital innovations from our Lab in London for our client, Beyond Dark chocolates.

Obsession with the bottom line
Performance Marketing is our data-driven, analytically-led practice dedicated to driving superior business results. This offering connects insights, content creation and distribution through a nimble, fluid process that integrates expertise from both Neo@Ogilvy and OgilvyOne. Rooted in the rapid analysis and optimization of campaign performance, this team considers all channels and sources of data to answer the challenges of today's ROI-focused marketer. This practice is differentiated by:

  • Compact, cross-disciplinary Neo-led teams
  • Shared client-agency focus on key performance indicators
  • Relentless optimization towards the lowest cost per transaction
  • Sophisticated campaign management and reporting tools
  • A mandate to make decisions quickly
  • Compensation based on program results

Social CRM: Why it is a game-changer and how to win the game
With the rapid adoption of social media, more and more CMOs are asking how they can optimize their social media strategy to create real long term value rather than just short term conversational spikes.

Marketers need to see social marketing not as a media channel, but as a tool for building deeper and more profitable relationships with customers. Customer relationship marketing has never been more important for brands to drive customer value, both individual value (lifetime purchase value), and network value (the value of recommendation and social collaboration with brands).

"Social CRM" is the next evolution of customer relationship marketing. Social CRM is a social media strategy that leverages digital and connected behaviors to unlock deeper customer value for brands, and richer brand experiences for consumers. Combined, these lead to a more profitable customer lifecycle.

Click here to visit our blog and see Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, presenting his point of view on Social CRM at the Direct Marketing Association's Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Smart Mobility
As leaders in mobile marketing, we published a report into how business-to-business (B2B) brands can leverage "smart mobility" to gain significant competitive advantage. Entitled "Hidden in plain sight: How mobile is quietly revolutionizing the B2B world," the report outlines key mobile opportunities for B2B marketers and describes how to develop mobile strategies for B2B brands.

In developing the report, our researchers spoke to key stakeholders at several large B2B brands representing over half a trillion dollars ($555B+) in market capitalization to understand where they are focusing their efforts and seeing potential for their businesses. There are three key areas where mobile is having the greatest impact for B2B brands: mobilizing marketing, mobilizing the enterprise and mobilizing products and services.

Click here to visit our blog and view the white paper and discover how B2B marketers can seize mobile marketing opportunities.

Leadership team
Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, OgilvyOne Worldwide
Gunther Schumacher, President & Chief Operating Officer, OgilvyOne Worldwide

Dimitri Maex - North America -
Annette King - Europe, Africa & Middle East -
Jerry Smith - Asia Pacific -
Gunther Schumacher - Latin America -

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