OgilvyEntertainment was founded in 2006 as the entertainment marketing arm of Ogilvy & Mather. With a worldwide presence including offices in Singapore and Paris, our team is headquartered in New York City. OgilvyEntertainment is a diverse group of 25+ experts with backgrounds spanning every aspect of the entertainment and marketing industries. Our holistic approach to branded content and original entertainment stems from our desire to weave a brand’s DNA into engaging, story-driven content to effectively communicate with consumers through a variety of media channels and platforms.

OgilvyEntertainment's mission is to create award-winning branded content and intellectual property that provides long-term value to our brand clients and partners. Our model transcends traditional 360-degree approaches, as we believe in engaging consumers in a 365-day interaction – through platform agnostic programming. While tapping the pulse of innovative entertainment technology, we maintain accountability as we establish benchmarks for success in line with client KPIs.

We implement a six-phase approach to ensure ultimate program success and maximize value for our clients:

1. Strategy
2. Development
3. Production
4. Marketing
5. Distribution
6. Measurement

Douglas Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment

We have worked with some of the biggest and best brands in the business including:

American Express, Capri Sun, Cisco, DuPont, Europcar, Hellmann’s, IBM, Johnnie Walker, Kimberly-Clark, Kodak, Lacta, Motorola, Nestlé, Perrier, Ragu, SAP, TD Ameritrade, Time Warner Cable and UPS. 

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To learn more about OgilvyEntertainment, please contact Ogilvy.Entertainment@ogilvy.com.