Ogilvy Government Relations is a leading bipartisan government relations firm based in Washington, DC. Our work is based on a simple premise: decisions made by federal institutions directly influence a client representatives in the nation's capital that can help identify and reduce potential risks from government legislation and regulation.

Who We Are
Our partners have served in senior-level positions throughout the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, and many have played key roles in presidential and congressional campaigns. Our professional experience enables us to successfully represent clients on a variety of issues.

What We Do
OGR represents leading corporations and institutions with legislative and regulatory concerns. We have expertise in the full range of policy issues debated in Washington. Because we are a full-service firm, OGR’s clients have access to our entire lobbying team’s breadth of knowledge and insights in the following areas:

Government Affairs. OGR advocates on behalf of its clients before key decision-makers in government on a daily basis. Effective advocacy on behalf of clients often requires the simultaneous employment of two strategies, offense and defense.

Offense involves working with clients to “move the decimal” with government activity. This may involve securing a shorter depreciation schedule in the tax code or expanding a definition to include new technologies that would qualify for government funds.

Defense involves working with coalitions in the private sector and government officials who share our clients’ philosophy to block government regulation from adversely impacting a corporation’s balance sheet. This work may include securing provisions within healthcare, regulatory reform or climate legislation that have a negative or disproportionate affect on a business.

Transaction Support. Many business transactions carry a degree of political risk. OGR has played a critical role in advising private equity funds and investment banks on domestic and overseas acquisitions and divestments. We activate the resources from our global network to anticipate and minimize any backlash than could impede or derail a client’s business transaction.

Due Diligence. OGR is often engaged by domestic or foreign entities before commencing a transaction or making a major announcement. In advance of such announcements, OGR engages key policymakers for reaction and feedback. We use this information to develop and execute an action plan designed to minimize political risk.

Crisis Response and Reputation Management. OGR’s approach to crisis management involves addressing the client’s immediate strategic and political needs while ensuring that their brand is protected in the long term and their point of view is understood by key decision-makers. To manage a crisis effectively it is essential to have strong political relationships, to gather intelligence on an ongoing basis, to be clear in your messaging, to develop a winning strategy and to make sure that each and every decision advances the agreed upon strategy.

Litigation Support. Congress is increasingly becoming an environment where plaintiffs’ attorneys and corporations use legislators and the committee process to further their litigation pursuits. OGR advises clients on how to work with members of Congress to advance the goals of their company’s litigation and to minimize the impact of settlements against them. Coordination with media strategists is often essential to safeguard the reputation and image of the client and their associated brands.

Our Key Disciplines
Legislative and Executive Advocacy. Through long-established professional relationships on Capitol Hill and within the Executive branch, Ogilvy Government Relations is able to precisely identify and contact the appropriate offices and individuals to express a clients viewpoint in a concise, consistent manner for maximum effect.

Image and Relationship Building. Relationships with federal entities and decision makers in Washington should be formed with an eye toward continuity in order to build working partnerships. By continually communicating a client or the value a corporation or institution provides to the public at large, Ogilvy Government Relations helps build a reservoir of goodwill and respect for clients throughout the federal government.

Crisis Management. In any walk of life, it is vital to and that is certainly true in Washington, DC. A natural disaster or an internal operational upheaval may necessitate a legislative or regulatory quick fix. Ogilvy Government Relations has the experience and professional relationships to develop a rapid reaction team, combining communications and advocacy activities to stabilize a crisis and generate a forthright response.

Wayne Berman, Chairman
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Drew Maloney, Chief Executive Officer
Gordon Taylor, President

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